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Digital Banking made easier for Older Adults

A platform that allows banks to join their customers with their digital journeys and visually guide them in real time with video, voice and co-browse features, making the digital experience much easier and safer.


Research, Visual Design, Business Pitch


24 weeks




Older adults are the fastest-growing segment of the population worldwide. The aging individuals live surrounded by technology that is not adapted to their needs. Either in-person or digitally, aging individuals want hassle-free banking without losing their sense of independence. They need a personalized and safe banking experience with better service. Although consumer preferences have shifted to digital, aging adults rely on physical bank branches for routine banking transactions. Though they recognize the benefits, the complexities of mobile banking and lack of trust make them increasingly skeptical about participating in digital initiatives. Currently, they feel left out in the fast-paced world of online banking, and some even feel intimidated while using technology for banking. Digital banking has yet to achieve the humanity, personality, and one-on-one experience employees provide in physical branches.

Presentation Deck

Check out the pdf and access the pitch deck below

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